People are not resources

Let us stop using the degrading term

Uwe Friedrichsen

11 minute read

Johann Strauss statue (Stadtpark, Vienna)

It is summer. Most people try to enjoy the weather (at least when there is weather to enjoy). They do not want to rack their minds pondering mind-bending ideas. Therefore, I decided to pick some imo relatively straightforward ideas from my blog topics backlog for the next few posts. I hope they will still contain some food for thought for you.

The industrialization of IT fallacy

Why industrialization of software development leads the wrong way

Uwe Friedrichsen

14 minute read

Emblem on front of a locomotive showing a winged wheel

Probably you also heard it several times before. Someone comes along saying that IT is a young and immature domain. That we are not yet an engineering discipline. That the way we write code sucks: Slow, not enough throughput, error-prone, not easily repeatable.