Let's (not) break up the monolith - Part 1

Why microservices will not solve your problems

Uwe Friedrichsen

10 minute read

Group of cactuses

Time and again clients approach my colleagues and me with the request that they want to break up their monolith into microservices and they ask us how to do this best. Apparently, they are convinced that breaking up the monolith into microservices will solve some big problems they had for a long time.

Reality check

When systems live in their own world

Uwe Friedrichsen

12 minute read

Sea lions at Pier 39 in San Francisco

Recently, I had two experiences within a few days that made me think regarding system dependability. In both situations, the systems acted detached from their surrounding reality and thus became confusing or even annoying – even if it would have been easy for them to detect their reality detachment.