ChatGPT already knows - Part 6

The need to be rebellious and the path ahead

Uwe Friedrichsen

10 minute read

Blue macaw walking on the ground

In the previous post, we discussed what it needs to become a “full-range engineer” and have seen that this is quite different from what software engineers often strive for today. However, the idea of a full-range engineer is focused on creating more value in a highly complex, uncertain and ambiguous environment and thus also improving our value.

ChatGPT already knows - Part 5

Becoming a 'full-range engineer'

Uwe Friedrichsen

11 minute read

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In the previous post, we examined how the omnipresent hyper-specialization in IT pushes software engineers into areas of human weaknesses and how nerd culture (involuntarily) reinforces the push. We also collected a little list of ideas how we can position ourselves as software engineers, aligned with humans strengths, preserving our value as software engineers in the face of modern AI solutions.

ChatGPT already knows - Part 4

The effects of hyper-specialization and nerd culture

Uwe Friedrichsen

12 minute read

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In the previous post, we discussed what humans and AI solutions are (not) good at and have learned the strengths and weaknesses of humans and modern AI solutions basically complement each other. We have also seen that software engineers often do not leverage their human strengths. Instead, they often position themselves in ways that places them in direct competition with the strengths of AI solutions.