ChatGPT already knows - Part 2

Past and present of software engineering

Uwe Friedrichsen

14 minute read

A flock of flamingos standing in the water

In the previous post, we discussed that detail knowledge, one of the major differentiators in software engineering careers, ceases to be a differentiator due to the growing capabilities of modern AI solutions. Whatever relevant detail knowledge a software engineer can have, these tools also can have. We stopped with the question what is left to software engineers in such a changing landscape, how to preserve one’s value.

ChatGPT already knows - Part 1

Disrupting the role of the software engineer

Uwe Friedrichsen

13 minute read

A green snake curled up on a branch

At the moment, we see a lot of discussions revolving ChatGPT and other modern AI tools like, e.g., GitHub Copilot. Many managers praise them as the new silver bullet to beat the (often self-made) skills shortage that will make software developers redundant while driving software development efficiency to unprecedented heights.

Let's (not) break up the monolith - Part 2

Why microservices will not solve your problems

Uwe Friedrichsen

12 minute read

(Artificial) landscape with cactuses

In the previous post, we started with the observation that companies (still) want to break up their monoliths into microservices. If you ask them what they expect from this measure, they typically expect to cure the “big ball of mud” issue with microservices or to improve their time to market with them.