Systems thinking and quality

Wise words from Russell Ackoff regarding systems thinking and quality improvement – and what we can learn from them

Uwe Friedrichsen

11 minute read

Steam locomotive with hull removed (to be seen in the Technical Museum Berlin)

A few days ago I rediscovered a short presentation that Dr. Russell Ackoff gave in 1994. The recording of this presentation was titled “If Russ Ackoff had given a TED talk…" on YouTube. The presentation is really short – just 12 minutes. But it contains a lot of wisdom, probably too much to understand it all at once.

All models are wrong. Some are useful!

Understanding the power and limitations of model building

Uwe Friedrichsen

6 minute read

Remains of a wall at the beach

I work with models a lot. I use them to make real-world effects better comprehensible and thus enable pondering them. When sharing such a model with other people, every once in a while someone cites