Rethinking job ads - Part 1

Why most job ads today are rather pointless

Uwe Friedrichsen

11 minute read

A single berry on a twig

Sometimes I read through job ads and almost always they leave me a bit at a loss. They always ask in a checklist style for some traits and experiences that based on my experience are either rather pointless or not really essential. Or they ask for a very narrow hyper-specialized profile garnished with the usual “you should be team-minded” antidote which is even worse regarding today’s challenges.

ChatGPT already knows - Part 6

The need to be rebellious and the path ahead

Uwe Friedrichsen

10 minute read

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In the previous post, we discussed what it needs to become a “full-range engineer” and have seen that this is quite different from what software engineers often strive for today. However, the idea of a full-range engineer is focused on creating more value in a highly complex, uncertain and ambiguous environment and thus also improving our value.