Tools, services and some kudos

Tools and resources used building this site

Uwe Friedrichsen

Kudos, services and tools

It took me some trials and tribulations until I had made my mind up how to implement this site. Here I briefly want to share the ingredients I used, and to share some kudos.

I use Hugo, a static web site generator in combination with Netlify to build, deploy and run this site. The custom domain is also handled by Netlify (for a few bucks per year) and they also take care of the SSL certificate. For me that meant to set a Netlify account, connect my GitLab repo and I mostly was done.

If you are familiar with software development, IMO it’s straightforward.

If you are not familiar with software development … well, better do not ask me. Potentially you might encounter some pitfalls, but I am way too long in software development to assess this, I am afraid … ;)

I use Future Imperfect as theme for the site. Julio Pescador ported that theme from HTML5 UP to be usable with Hugo. Thx a lot for the port, Julio!

I tweaked the theme a bit to suit my needs, mostly minor updates to the templates.

I think, that’s basically it regarding the setup of this site.