Hi, my name is Uwe Friedrichsen. I travel the world of IT for many years. In 1981, I fell in love with programming. Consequently, I studied computer sciences and work in IT ever since.

Professional career

In my professional career, I worked in many roles in and around IT, like development, architecture, requirements engineering, quality assurance, operations, support, project and line management. Often my role was not clearly defined. I just did what was needed to achieve a successful result. In many cases, a big part of it was what I call “architectural work”. Still, usually I did not call it this way to avoid entanglement with the typical preconceptions regarding the role of an architect in IT.

I started sharing my accumulated insights and ideas in 2005, writing articles. Since 2009 I additionally share my ideas as a public speaker. At the resources page, I collected some of my publicly available articles, slide decks, talk recordings, etc.

Currently I work as CTO at codecentric. Additionally, I coach selected customers regarding post-industrial IT, architectural work and cloud-based architectures. If you are interested in my services or look for an interim CTO at part-time basis, feel free to contact me.

Particular strengths

Over time, I realized that I have a few not too widespread strengths (based on my personal observations). I quickly comprehend complex contexts in a holistic manner and am strong at building models of them. This helps me to reason about intricate problems without getting lost in specific details and to reason about details without losing sight of the overarching problem. Additionally, by sharing these models I help other people to do the same things.

Another related strength is what I call being a “dot connector”. I always try to understand the connections between topics instead of only looking at them in isolation. Some people call that systems thinking. Still, I never went through a formal systems thinking education. This way of looking at situations helps me to understand the forces and influences between topics better and to focus on the most powerful levers.

As a consequence, I often work as translator between floors and departments, including helping people to understand the consequences of their decisions for other people.

Finally, being curious, I often also explore topics at the boundaries of my work and beyond. Besides broadening my vision, this hopefully helps me making better decisions regarding my particular tasks.

Particular flaws

I loathe company power games, also called company politics. For me, they are just a huge waste of time, energy and often even health of many for the usually egoistic motives of a few. Additionally, it makes me sad seeing most people falling for those games or even supporting them with their way of (non-)acting, thereby depriving themselves and their companies from much more valuable and satisfying ways of working.

I know that these dysfunctional patterns are deeply woven into human nature and I also understand the forces, motivations and mechanics behind power games. But still … yikes! Thus, if you are looking for someone to change things in a deeply political infested environment, I am not the person you are looking for.

Usually, I simply try to be a nice person and make the world around me a little bit less messed up place. I know that I sometimes fail being that person, but I am working on it.